Why are we doing this?  

Music is dead, right?  Nobody cares about rock anymore.

Surely we must be crazy or stupid to spend countless hours working on a project to support and promote punk rock bands.  Maybe we are, but this is not a project.  

It's a mission.  We do it because we HAVE to.

Just like all of the bands that pack themselves into vans for weeks on end playing for barely enough gas money to get to the next town - all the while missing their friends and families at home.  They do it because it's a calling, an inner voice that will never be silenced.  That same voice exists in everyone of us here at Live From The Rock Room.

In the landscape of today's music industry, the "middle class" artist is extinct.  

It's like a mirror of what's happening economically across the board.  In the music world, it's far more extreme.  Today we have a select handful of mainstream artists making more money than musicians ever have with massive corporate sponsorships of tours and licensing deals for TV and movies.  For your mid-sized punk band today, this simply doesn't exist.  There was a time when a band that size could tour the country, sell a bunch of records and make a modest, but comfortable living.  Today, a band that size has no chance at supporting themselves fully from music.  

Our mission is to bring back the middle class for musicians.  

We have a lot of big dreams and big ideas and this video show and podcast is the first step in our mission to bring it back.  We hope you will join us!

Imagine your life without the music you love being part of it.  Really think about that.

What if your favorite band of all time didn't exist?  What if they didn't record your favorite album because they were all working 50 hours a week at a desk job?

Think about all the joy, comfort and excitement you've felt listening to your favorite songs.  Think about those songs having never been written.  

How does that make you feel?  

If you don't like that feeling, please come together with us.  Let's join together and create a climate where the artists we love can keep making the music we all need in our lives.