Session 5 - Lifted Bells

LFTRR session 5 brings us Lifted Bells. I hadn’t heard much of Lifted Bells music prior to their session, but I’ve been a fan of Bob Nanna’s work for many years. I knew I wanted to have one of Bob’s bands come in for a session, so I emailed him about having Lifted Bells come in. I’ve known Bob for a while and have played a handful of shows for events hosted by his site I figured he would be game for bringing one of his bands in. (for the record, we want ALL of Bob’s bands to come in, this is an open invitation!).

Anyway, after a few email exchanges we had the session booked. The band showed up around 2pm, loaded in some gear, and did a quick sound check. When they kicked into their first song, Ken and I looked at each other wide eyed, like “HOLY SHIT!”. These guys are nuts! I was totally blown away by what was going on musically. The guitar, bass and drum parts are all so complicated, but yet they weave together perfectly and maintain an incredible groove and catchiness (I don’t think that’s a word, is it?). It would be easy to label them as a Math Rock band, but in my opinion they’re a pop band with mathy parts. Everything they do has a strong sense of melody.

Coming into this session I was very familiar with Bob’s work, but I’m so happy to have been exposed to the talents of Matthew Frank, Matt Jordan, Kyle Gieb and Seth Engel. They’re all amazing at what they do.  I think Seth is the best drummer to have played to Rock Room kit so far, the guy is a super freak, just watch the videos and you’ll see! The Matts, Kyle and Seth all play in other bands as well and I’m hoping to get them all in here at some point in the months to come.

These guys have an EP coming out soon on Run For Cover Records, I’m hoping it blows up for them, they should be huge! But for now we’ll savor them as one of Chicago’s great hidden treasures. We’re also looking forward to seeing them down at The Fest this fall!



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What We Learned:

  • Bob Nanna has some pretty sweet moves when he doesn’t have to play guitar.
  • By comparison, my guitar, bass and drum skills are infantile. Humbled.
  • We LOVE Lifted Bells a lot

Next Session: Western Settings