Session 7 - Recreational Drugs

Remember in my post about Lifted Bells how I said that I wanted to get all of the other bands those guys played in? Well, I got one! This is one of Matthew Frank’s bands. I didn’t know Matt before the Lifted Bells session, but he had a great time during that one, and he’s a super cool fella, so I asked him if he’d like to bring in any of his other bands, he said he’d love to have Rec Drugs come in, so we booked it!

The guys showed up around 2pm. We chatted for a bit and loaded in some gear. At this point, Matt realized he had forgotten to bring their audio interface for their laptop. A pretty critical piece of gear for them. These guys are a mathy, groovy, instrumental band. They play to a click live and utilize some samples. Matt and Derek stayed behind to finish setting up their gear while Logan and Adam headed back into the city to pick up the interface. We’re not far from the city, but traffic sucked that day, poor guys. About an hour and a half later, Adam and Logan arrive with the interface and we finished setting up and did a quick sound check.

Much like Lifted Bells, these guys are all outstanding musicians. Adam is a great drummer, according to where I set my levels on the overhead mics, he’s by far the hardest hitter we’ve had in. @Matthew Frank, where the hell do you keep finding all of these great drummers? Logan and Derek are both great on guitar. Matt plays bass in this band, and of course he awesome at that too…

The band rocked through a few songs, then we did an interview. I’m excited to get this interview out, there were some really funny moments! I shared the audio mixes with the guys a few days later. I was a little nervous because about every guy in this band and their brother is an audio engineer by trade. I’m not a “pro”, just a self taught guy who’s been doing it forever. Thankfully, they were really happy with how the audio came out. I owe it all to the magic of The Rock Room. It’s just a great space to record a band live. It doesn’t hurt when the band is incredible either!

Recreational Drugs will be gracing the world with a new EP in the near future. Be sure to pick that up when it comes out! This our third band in a row that will be playing The Fest this fall. It’s going to be like a Rock Room Reunion down there!

Love, Mike

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What We Learned

  • Matthew Frank has only one dance move, but it’s a killer one! I believe there’s photographic evidence of this on our Instagram account.

  • Adam Beck hits the drums harder than me. I always thought I was the hardest hitter around. Must start working out!

  • My audio recordings satisfy the ears of fellow engineers, feels good!


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