Session 6 - Western Settings

This session came about in a fairly strange way. I had seen Western Settings’ name popping up here and there on my Facebook feed and on some sites I like to visit. I decided, “I’ll check ‘em out” so I listened to their record Yes It Is on Spotify. I really enjoyed it! Here’s where it gets a little funny. About 12 hours after first listening to Western Settings, I get an email from Vito Nurset asking if my band, The Bigger Empty would like to be on the bill for their show coming up at Quencher’s Saloon here in Chicago. Was this a random coincidence, or was Vito stalking my Spotify activity? I’ll never know. Having listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed their record, of course I said yes we’ll play that show.

About a week after we confirmed the Quencher’s show, I thought, “why don’t I ask these guys to stop by the Rock Room for a session?”. I sent them a Facebook message and Ricky replied saying they’d love to do it, so we had them come in during the day of our show together. They played Bloomington,IL the night before so their drive that day wasn’t too bad.

The guys showed up in the neighborhood of 2:00pm. We loaded in some gear, did a sound check then took a little break for beverages and appetizers, then we got down to the business of rock. The guys rocked through a few tunes off of their new EP, Old Pain and also played Get It, Got It from Yes It Is. I’m always curious how bands are going to sound live compared to their records. Western Settings didn’t let us down in that department. Ricky’s voice is strong and soulful and Will, Adam and Dylan are all super solid players. (side note; Dylan has since left the band after their tour concluded. We wish him the best on his future musical endeavors.) I’d say these guys are a must see band if they’re ever playing your town. They bring a special brand of passionate, anthemic, melodic punk. Incredibly earnest and genuinely wonderful people!

After the session and interview, we had some dinner before our rock show. My wife, Stephanie, prepared a kick ass salad and some great stuffed shells. She was afraid that she made too much - two large dishes of stuffed shells. She was wrong. They ate it all, every bit. You work up a pretty good appetite being out on the road for a few weeks!

With full stomachs, the guys headed into the city to drop off their bags at a friend’s house. The Bigger Empty left a bit later and we all met up at Quencher’s for a great rock show together. This was a wonderful day from start to finish. So happy to have met these guys and I’m sure we’ll be friends for years to come. Just like Lifted Bells, these guys will also be playing The Fest this year. We’re giddy with excitement to see them down there!



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What We Learned:

  • These guys can eat!

  • Our Audio/Video game is getting pretty good, no issues this session.

  • Western Settings are some of the most friendly and lovable punk rockers you’ll ever meet!

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