Session 4 - Avenues

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that Avenues are part two of the double session with Knockin’ Bones.

I was excited for this one as these guys have a very special place in my heart. I’ve known Vin for a while now, not even exactly sure how we met. Either at a show or on Facebook, doesn’t matter I guess.

Anyway, these guys, Avenues are just straight up awesome dudes. Vin is really soft spoken but quietly clever and funny. Wonder twins Shawn and Scott Brooks might be the two most positive minded punk rockers I’ve ever met. Nothing gets them down, and they just LOVE to play music. I’ve seen them several times and it doesn’t matter if they’re playing to 5 people or 500. They’re always inspired, no moping, no complaining, just rock. My life goal is to be more like the Brooks brothers. They should write a book on how to love to rock :)

Okay, on to the actual session. Avenues got down to business shortly after we wrapped up with Knockin’ Bones. As I mentioned in the last blog post, we were on a tight time crunch for this shoot. The Bones boys had a six hour drive ahead of them. The plan was for Avenues to play two songs because of the time constraints. It turned out that they’re incapable of making mistakes and they nailed the first two songs in one take each, so they did two more, also one take each. They’re tight! Probably the tightest band we’ve had in thus far.

If you’re wondering what they sound like, they play genuine, old school style pop punk. At least that’s what I’d call it. I hear a heavy influence of the early punk and pop punk bands like Decendents, maybe a little Bad Religion, but catchier than them. If you’re a fan of pop punk from any era, you should give them a listen.

After the rock was finished, we shot the Knockin’ Bones interview, followed by the Avenues interview. It was an entertaining conversation, you can tell that even though Vin is the “front man”, wonder twin brothers Brooks are the outgoing personality of the band. Marc isn’t a shy guy either. I see them as Vin being the introspective thinker, and Shawn, Scott and Marc bring the “show”. They’re all incredibly talented in different ways that complement each other very well resulting in one hell of a great punk band.




Check out Avenues on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, bandcamp, and ReverbNation

Vin Smith - vocals, guitar;  Scott Brooks - vocals, bass;  Sean Brooks - vocals, guitar;  Marc Alan - drums


What We Learned:

  • Avenues only need one take for EVERY song.

  • Same thing about the Sony camera as the last post.

  • We’ve done 4 sessions now, are we pros yet?



Next Session: Lifted Bells