Session 3 - Knockin' Bones

Knockin’ Bones is the first band not native to Illinois to come into The Rock Room for a session. These guys came to us all the way from Austin, Texas! They’re also the first band in which I didn’t know any of the members personally.

This session took place the same day as the Avenues session (see the next blog post). Knockin' Bones' singer, Marc Alan, is also the drummer for Avenues so we decided to shoot both bands on the same day. This marks the first double header.

Some added pressure for this shoot, Knockin' Bones had a show later that evening in Carbondale, IL - that's about a six hour drive from The Rock Room!  Our shit better work!  We don’t have much time to capture the rock!  I was confident that the band would be tight and not need many takes since they’re in mid-tour form.

The guys showed up around 2pm. After some quick introductions and a sound check, we got right down to it. I was pretty unfamiliar with their music heading into the session. As soon as they kicked into the first song I was pleasantly surprised.

They play a special brand of riff heavy punk rock. They’re heavy and tight, Mark and Dylan both shred on guitar. Justin hits the drums really hard and Nathan is a super solid bass player. I think fans of old school hard rocking punk bands like Rocket From the Crypt will really enjoy these guys. They play with a great deal of confidence and bravado and bring a lot of great showmanship to the table. Just a thoroughly entertaining band to watch jam!

The guys ripped through 2 songs requiring very few takes, then took a break outside while we shot Avenues.  (Except for Marc, who went into drummer rock mode for Avenues session)

After we wrapped up Avenues tunes, KB came back down for their interview. When they’re talking about their music, you can feel that these are just four very genuine guys doing what they love to do. Overall, this was an excellent session and it remains a favorite of Ken, our videographer/editor. It was a pleasure having these guys in The Rock Room and we’re stoked to have four new great friends from Texas!

Love, Mike


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Marc Alan - vocals, guitar; Nathan Scott - vocals, bass; Dylan - vocals, guitar; Justin Pena - drums

Songs Played:

  • 6 Deep
  • Brooklyn


What We Learned:

  • We CAN do two bands in a day!

  • I shouldn’t try to get fancy with exposures on the Sony cam. I ended up setting the shutter speed too slow, so we have some super “awesome” motion blur on that footage from this shoot. (it actually looks kind of cool at times, but still a noobmove by me) I need to leave that shit for Ken to do and stick to the audio.


Next up...Part 2 of this session with Avenues