Session 2 - Turnspit

We've got one session under our belts.  Now, we're veterans!

One of the first bands I thought about having in for a session was Turnspit.  They're a newer band from the scene here in Chicago.  I'd heard a lot of good things about them and I happen to know a couple of the guys in the band.  Plus, I hadn't seen them live yet, so why not see them in the best venue in town - The Rock Room, with a capacity of about 5.

I sent their bass player, Jason Alexander, a message on Facebook saying something like, "Hey!  I'm doing a video show thing from my house and would love to have you guys on."  His reply was, "We would LOVE to!"  They took a decent sized leap of faith as I had nothing to show them as an example of what it might look or sound like.

A few days after the Smoking Popes session, I bought a Presonus Digimax D8.  In English, that means I have 8 more inputs for audio now.  So we're running with 16 inputs - that's enough to fully accommodate as much rock as most bands can throw at you.

Ken and Dan arrived around noon for setup and Turnspit came in around 2pm.  We didn't waste much time.  The band got right into setting up and we did a quick level check on the audio.  They dove into their first song, Bastards.  They're loud and they rock!  They played two more songs for the session including:  Worthless and a cover of the song Torn.  It was really fun getting to watch another band play live in The Rock Room.  This was the first time a band that I wasn't in has graced the room.  Now, there's nowhere else I'd rather see a band play!

For this session, I split my time between running the audio and a handheld camera.  Ken was manning his DSLR and all of the phones set up throughout the room.  Dan was grabbing some great still shots during the performance.

Once the rocking commenced, we took a short break and reset for the interview.  This was a long one!  These guys and gal have a lot to say, but it never gets boring.  Every member of this band is incredibly earnest and has a true love for what they are doing.  That comes through in their music and when they're talking about it.  THIS is why we're doing this show.  Giving a platform to REAL artists doing it for the right reasons.  

We absolutely loved having Turnspit here for a session and think you're going to love them too!

- Mike


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Gillian McGhee - vocals, guitar; Jason Swearingen - vocals, guitar; Jason Alexander - bass, vocals;  Dan Tinkler - drums

Songs Played:

  • Bastards
  • Worthless
  • Torn


What We Learned

  • 16 audio inputs are better than 8
  • The Sony camera likes to overheat sometimes.  Gotta check and make sure it's running every so often


Next up...Knockin' Bones