Birth of The Rock Room

Welcome to the first LFTRR blog post, here we go!

I'll start by filling you in a bit on the backstory.  The room was dubbed "The Rock Room" months before it was even built.  When my wife Stephanie and I moved from Crystal Lake down to Westmont a few years ago, one of the things I was most excited about was that our house had a basement that I could build a studio in.  

I immediately began researching everything you need to construct a "sound proof" room.  Soon I realized, it's complicated and I'm not at all handy with any kind of tool that doesn't produce musical notes.  I'm going to need help...

The next couple of weeks (or months) were spent trying to find a contractor that understood anything about acoustics or soundproofing.  Turns out, they're like unicorns - they don't exist.  If they do, they're difficult to find!

After talking with a bunch of contractors and getting insanely high quotes, I felt like I was back to square one.  Back to researching everything that goes into building a magical rock room.  I read through hundreds of blogs, forums, and anything else Google showed me.  

Armed with this knowledge I spoke to the drummer in my band The Bigger Empty, Kevin Baschen.  He's an electrician and has some solid carpentry skills.  I explained (to the best of my abilities) how this room needed to be built and Kevin understood what I was saying...or at least he pretended to.  He was up for the job.  The Rock Room construction was underway!

Over the next handful of months, Kevin worked as much as he could during his off days from his real job.  Though progress seemed slow at times, it's impressive what Kevin was able to do.  He built the entire room by himself - carrying sheets of drywall and 2x4s from the garage down to the basement singlehandedly.  Our fearless drummer #taglessKevin is a beast!

Once Kevin had finished all the construction and heavy lifting, we needed to finish off the interior of the room.  I did more research online and figured out what material I wanted for the acoustic panels.  

For the nerds out there, we went with Owens Corning 703 for the wall panels and Roxul 60 for the ceiling tiles.  Stephanie and I assembled all the panels using masonite backer board and canvas fabric.  She put in the floor, we painted, and hung the panels.  

It's done.  The Rock Room is ready to be rocked!